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Dating Advice: man - older woman

Date: 2018-02-12 07:36

There is no worse pain you will ever go through in life if you are a mistress who gets emotionally involved with a married man.

Dating a Married Man - It Isn't Ever Worth It

Been there, done that not proud. Women have different reasons, usually emotionally deprived men need affirmation praise & sex. Men don 8767 t usually leave their home & assets. Money is too important to them. If they can easily get sex & praise on the side (for free) they 8767 ll take it without losing everything they have acquired in their marriage. All about money & assets people. Not worth losing your self for a lying, cowardly cheat.

Man re-proposes to wife after first marriage of 20 years

All men I described above can get 75-something. No doubt. They are all very attractive, accomplished and charming. They all told me the same thing though 8775 most 75-year old women are hot but really what do I have in common with them? 8776

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Obviously, there are several issues to deal with when someone has a child. Will he put you first? Do you think you’ll get jealous when you have to share him, and can’t throw a tantrum because you’ll ‘look bad’ for being jealous of a child? Will your plans get rescheduled at the last minute, because something came up with the child or because of a situation with the other parent? Will you have to deal with the ‘chile mother’?

Man A 8 kids, mortgage, 7 car payments, clothes/food for family and kids, gifts for wife, school, etc, etc, etc.  Chance of losing it all to a divorce.

Now am trying to start over with
someone else and believe me it feels good for you to call your man anytime of
the day being bright early morning or how late it is at night. It feels wonderful
to walk in public holding hands, kissing and not worrying about someone seeing
us. It feels good to meet each other’s friends and family.

Thank you.. Since I posted, I 8767 ve really been trying to keep busy and keep my distance. Its been working so far. He seems agitated with me, thinking im with another man ( I wish it was that SIMPLE) I must admit it 8767 s hard. But i know it 8767 s ts for the best. But gosh darn it i miss my mocha lol wheeww. Sometimes I think did i mess up my karma. If i do find someone single legally lol and free and available, im Destin to be cheated on.. Anyway thank you for the encouragement. Its been 9 days and counting.

Recently I met a 56 year old woman. I am 96. She is 65 years older than me. We are physically and emotionally attracted to each other. I chased her and she eventually cougar seduced me. She also met my friend who is 87 but she is not emotionally attracted to him. On our 6st date recently she told me that she was 56 and I was in complete shock. She to me looks 86-87 years old. The only deal breaker for me is someday I want to have a child to continue the family name. She can 8767 t have a child and never wanted one. Her reply was not one I liked but everything else I like about her. For now I will put that aside but if I meet a women who can have kids then I might have to move on from my sexy cougar.

Thank you! And, glad you were strong enough to end it! I 8767 m working on that as we speak. Another weekend with little response from him. One call & one 8775 hey 8776 text. And, when I try to address how his attentiveness has changed with me, he says 8775 I just had a full day yesterday. 8776 8775 Or, went to bed early. 8776 Then called me your 8775 highness 8776 for expecting him to stay in touch. Lol. Yeah, this is losing it 8767 s novelty for me as well now bcuz I got zero for Vday. And, then the lesser contact from him. If this man were single, he 8767 d be history. lol.
Thanks again for your response!

75 year old men prefer 75 year old women. 95 year old men prefer 75 year old women. It 8767 s shocking to see on paper, but not so surprising if you 8767 ve ever talked to an actual man, read a men 8767 s magazine or looked at porn intended for men. This doesn 8767 t mean that 95 year old men want to MARRY that 75 year old woman, only that they find her the most physically appealing. To tell men NOT to feel this way would be akin to telling them not to breathe.

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