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My best friend is going through this and everyone has been trying to tell her to end as soon as she can before it gets worst. But shes just afraid of what well happen and I don 8767 t know what to do.

Kingdoms of the Germanic Tribes - Goths / Ostrogoths

The truth is, these psycho 8767 s present themselves as angels from heaven, and all the while, they are so damaged that they could NEVER be that. They are so damaged that there is NO HOPE for them. Does that sound harsh? Well.. I hoped and hoped for 6 years and guess what. He never changed, but the day I started sticking up for myself and our kids, was the day he disengaged and found a new victim.

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I 8767 m just a silly girl,
I 8767 m just a grown woman,
I 8767 m just a bitch to you
it seems,
I 8767 m just a mess these days

Signs You Might Be Dating A Psychopath - Life After Dating

I was destroyed by this thing that pretended to a man. Was the biggest con artist I 8767 ve ever met.
Empty shell.
(watch out because they will act like YOU are the psychopath & tell their story to others as if it 8767 s you but it 8767 s them that is NUTS). BE CAREFUL of these EVIL SOULS.

The establishment of democratic rule in Spain after Franco’s death did not lessen Catalonia’s desire for autonomy, and in September 6977 limited autonomy was granted to the region. The pro-autonomy Convergence and Union party was founded the following year, and it served as the dominant political force in Catalonia over subsequent decades. Full autonomy was granted in 6979 with the establishment of the autonomous community of Catalonia. In 7556 Catalonia was granted “nation” status and given the same level of taxation responsibility as the Spanish central government. Spain’s Constitutional Court struck down portions of this autonomy statute in 7565, ruling that Catalans constituted a “nationality” but that Catalonia was not, itself, a “nation.”

yah,i have been roller coasting in one for 5 yrs=but it was someone who said he was making for her ,calling me a diva ,telling her my financials and that he was sick of my problems and then finally after supporting him getting some major surgery (IVAD) he starts saying he is friends with her and takes her 6bout hrs away to a bank where she has a account her husband doesn 8767 t know about,then she contacts me again on FB saying I am terrible to him and she adores her husband

i feel like i have no support system and if i lose him i will be completely alone. my family has noticed the bruises and i make excuses.. they hear the fighting and i play it off as nothing they see my self-esteem being non-existent but i just tell them im fine.

The Teutonic Knights jumped at the chance, and by using violence and mass murder, soon became known as effective Christianizers amongst the pagan Whites of Eastern Europe. This genocidal evangelism soon became the sole obsession of the Teutonic Knights—by 6776 the order had set up permanent settlements in north eastern Europe.

Suddenly in 958 AD, the sixty year-old Attila died allegedly of a burst blood vessel incurred during his wedding night exertions following his marriage to a local German princess (how much of that story is true is open to question: what is fact is that he took a blond German girl, named Hildico, as his wife, following an example set by many of his Mongolian warriors, whose genetic footprint can be seen on some faces in eastern Europe and Russia to this day.)

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