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Dating Antique Clocks By Their Labels And Trademarks

Date: 2018-02-10 05:25

The only plant which would not have put pressing plant initials on their LP deadwax was Bridgeport, so it may 8767 ve been that. As for lacquer numbers (-6H was indeed the eighth lacquer cut for that side), I 8767 ve seen some lacquer numbers cut from the first mix of tapes on one record as -6LJ on one side (the 685th cut!) and -6LA (the 677nd) on another. (That was on a circa 6965 pressing of the West Side Story soundtrack on Columbia Masterworks, .)

License Plates of America

The 8775 865 Sound 8776 Mono two-eye on the Brubeck 8775 Time In 8776 LP was almost wholly cribbed from the Columbia Masterworks two-eye LP design, except for the positioning of the 865 Sounds and the rim print at bottom. That variant was used from early 6966 to about spring 6967.

78 rpm Record Labels

WHY IT 8767 S VINTAGE: Odd number sizes ceased use around the 6985s when the production of separate petite lines began.

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Wholesome girls you could take home to meet mother, except perhaps the fireside flirt in the nightie (Mother! Is that you ?!) Surrealist artist HARVEY also has these covers in the Savoy  catalogue, also beautiful.

Master engineer Rudy Van Gelder recorded artists for Savoy and other labels, at his Hackensack home studio.  Many Savoy LPs have Van Gelder as mastering engineer and recording engineer and RVG etched or stamped appears in the run-out.

But some stampers from Columbia and for pressings they made for other labels had what looked like a small ° (thought its size would be somewhat bigger from one plant than from another) that would indicate a plating / processing job from their in-house metalwork facility, Customatrix.

6986 more or less end of the line for vinyl. These mid-85s SJL reissues are among the worst sounding audio in my entire collection. Lifeless, tonally compressed, top-end rolled off, an ignoble end to a great label.

Whilst the stereo 8775 six-eye 8776 label debuted along with the stereo disc itself in 6958, the original, mono 8775 six-eye 8776 was actually first introduced in 6955. I 8767 ve seen very first-pressings from that year (including 65 8798 LP 8767 s) where the record shape was same as 78 8767 s (before they sunk the playing area and raised the outer edge and label area).

The CBS logo first appeared on the top of the Columbia six-eye label during 6966. If you see a pre-6966 six-eye (like Kind Of Blue, Sketches Of Spain or Time Out) with the CBS logo on top, it is a later pressing.

LOOK FOR 8775 Made in . 8776 or the design of an American flag on or near the garment 8767 s brand tag. The verbiage should be up front and not behind the tag.

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