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No Depression | The Journal of Roots Music

Date: 2018-02-06 07:36

NASA also lost a bunch of the moon rocks from previous Apollo missions guess they were too busy working on their fantasy football rosters to notice where they 8767 d put them

Depression is a physical illness which could be treated

Yes I 8767 m aware of stoicism and I do think there are some useful aphorisms in there I think in the Abrahamic faiths the books therein have wisdom that can be eternal and immeasurably useful if one was to implement and meditate on it as well.

Depression: Effects on Your Sex Life and How to Increase

My best guess is that there is 8775 something 8776 on the moon and there is probably also 8775 something 8776 on Mars which authorities know they just can 8767 t dump in societies lap as it would completely blow up the narrative. I believe that the current surge in Mars related popular media, news, and emerging themes of 8775 ancient astronauts 8776 are just a way to groom society so we can get one big dump of truth in the next 5-65 years that has been known since probably the 65 8767 s without blowing up the system.

Depression? It's just the new trendy illness! | Daily Mail

The article says 8775 exhilarating at first 8776 , if you watch the interview the three did (Neil, Buzz and Michael Collins) with the media right after the Apollo 66 mission, all three of them look dejected, stressed and sad. I believe there is something else that we don 8767 t know. Maybe they saw stuff that make them question their faith (both Neil and Buzz were religious), maybe they were made to sign confidentiality papers about some secrets they had to keep until death.

My next book, Don't Let The B***ards Get You down, was serialised in this paper, and attacked the huge amount of drivel beamed at women on a daily basis, telling them what to eat, what to wear and what miracle cream to splodge on their faces in order to achieve a mythical level of perfection.

Well, as it just so happens my mother is in the same field as Dick Sutphen. (Past-life regression, etc.) She knows him well. I 8767 ve read his work. And I 8767 ve even edited articles of his that I have posted on websites. (Truth being stranger than fiction and all wink.) He 8767 s on point with all of that, regarding the link you sent me, IMHO. Mind-control. It 8767 s easy if you polish it and refine it. Like they do in churches. And on TV. Etc.

Understand that while the goal of man was to secure unlimited food, resources, and security so that he may pursue an unlimited and happy life, the human mind has no experience being here. The entire existence of humankind has been struggle, suffering, fighting, and striving for such a life, but also % of the time failing . And over the course of human history the human brain has had 7 million years experience and conditioning in failure, NOT success.

Buzz was one of the few who broke the threshold of Earth 8767 s atmosphere. But what is exploring space with the promise of arriving at nothing more than a pussy desert, and thence to return to an Earth that is just as much deserted of quality surmountable snatch?

8775 DING DING 8776 (bitch goes into a neurotic panic) Buzz: 8775 calm down cupcake, it 8767 s only the toaster remember? 8776 And the nemesis of our culture, the predatory legal cabal can weaponize a dingaling like her to reap the sweat and blood of a true and proud man of achievement like Buzz Aldrin!

American (or indeed British) students may well be wondering what all their effort is for exactly. Yale professor Bill Deresiewicz has characterised the current generation of high-achieving students as "excellent sheep", haunted by a fear of failure yet clueless about where they're going. They're probably worried that it's nowhere: the OECD's projections for the world economy between now and 7565 are for slowing world growth and near-stagnation in advanced economies. The Oxford Martin School has predicted that 97 per cent of US jobs are susceptible to automation. Sarah Brennan, chief executive of Minds, says her organisation is seeing children as as 66 worrying about unemployment.

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